Liberty – Flower Show – L197


Liberty Fabric!

Flower Show Collection!

Lovely display of  flowers scattered across the fabric. Perfect for adding a touch of charm to any project with its simple yet delightful design.

Liberty fabric, featuring exceptionally soft, fine, and silky cotton adorned with sophisticated patterns and a spectrum of refined colours.

Width: 110 cm / 44″

Composition: 100% cotton

All 100%  quilting cotton is suitable for quilting, dressmaking, curtain making and craft projects.

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Just so you know, we might be an Outlet but it doesn’t mean we compromise on quality. Over the generations of trading we’ve learnt to only stock the best and most trusted brands who are as fussy about their products as we are. Before we work with any manufacturer we rigorously test their products for fade and shrinkage. We wash at 60 degrees several times and then compare colour and shrinkage. We fade test under bright and strong sunlight in the summer and super strong lamps in the winter. Only when our picky people are happy do we buy into that brand. This means that you have the best guarantee possible that your masterpiece will make family heirloom status someday.

Dimensions N/A

112 mm


100% cotton


fat quarter, long quarter, 0.5m, 1m