Meet The Team

Meet Our Experts

Welcome to our exceptional team, a vibrant collection of individuals representing 10 diverse countries, united by a shared passion for providing unparalleled value and the best-priced products.

With Eric at the helm, who has a lifetime of invaluable experience, our team is guided towards excellence. Supporting him is Kamran, our meticulous bean counter, ensuring financial precision and efficiency.

Agnese brings her felting expertise, infusing our products with artistry and creativity. Emma’s mastery of fabrics guarantees superior quality and aesthetic appeal. Anastasia’s love for leather results in exquisite craftsmanship that captivates discerning tastes.

Natasha is our export specialist, skillfully navigating the global market.

Efficiency and smooth operations are the domain of Vicky, the driving force behind our coordinated efforts. Oksana, our social media and website guru, ensures our online presence is engaging and captivating. And with Robert, a disciplined warehouse manager with a military background, our logistics are orchestrated with clockwork precision.

Completing our dynamic team are a group of talented art and graphic students whose innovative creations constantly astound us, adding a touch of brilliance to our endeavors.

Meet The Team